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Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Surveys Inspection (Infrared Moisture Roof Scan)

We detect and document Flat Insulated Roof Moisture defects with Infrared Thermography.

Infrared Roof Inspectors a division of BUILDINGTECH INSPECTION SERVICES, LLC  offers Infrared roof Inspections and infrared moisture survey of commercial flat or low slope, insulated roofing systems across New Jersey, Long Island and New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and U.S. Nation Wide.  An infrared roof moisture inspection or survey is a nondestructive diagnostic testing tool visible heat so it show differences in the buildings roof to identify sub surface water which has leaked under the roof. Infrared thermography testing for scanning the entire roofing system is a proven method for finding wet insulation and moisture intrusion with in the system.

Infrared Roof Inspection Image

Imager selection is paramount for a successful infrared flat roof moisture (scan) survey or inspection results. Depending on water proofing membrane many single ply systems present some challenges such as TPO, PVC, EPDM for their smooth surfaces. As well as some roof coatings, metallic paints (Aluminium) for their reflective properties low emittance. We use Mid -short Wave imagers for the application when it’s called for. As some roofs respond best to short – mid wave infrared testing.

Maintaining a flat or low-sloped insulated roof is an expensive and complicated challenge building managers and owners face everyday. Thermographers provide invaluable insights to building managers by performing infrared surveys to identify moisture trapped (wet Insulation boards)  inside the roofing system. So, rather than performing expensive roof wide repairs, armed with the infrared scan or moisture survey results building managers can institute targeted and less costly corrective actions.

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Infrared Roof Inspectors thermographers, use infrared roof inspection tools in conjunction with state of the art nondestructive moisture meter to locate hidden defects, wet insulation and potential problems that a typical visual roof inspection company simply cannot show you. The process measures the thermal properties of  a low slope insulated or flat roof to identify differences in temperature across the entire structure by scanning the roof.  Infrared roof  inspection for moisture investigations used to support claims and contractors malpractice for legal proceedings.

How An Infrared Thermal Imaging (IR) Scan of Flat Roof Survey Detects Moisture

During the daylight hours the heat of the sun warms the roof of your building and at night the roof radiates that heat back towards atmosphere. This is known as radiational cooling. Wet areas of the roof have a higher mass and because of this they will retain the heat longer. Meanwhile areas that are dry, which have a lower mass, cool more rapidly. Infrared imagers detect and display the uneven heat dissipation and thereby accurately identify areas of the roof needing attention.

radiant heat from roof is measured to identify high mass, wet areas

Infrared thermography detects and displays the uneven heat dissipation from wet and dry areas of a insulated low slope or flat roof

The recorded difference in heat signatures shows the Thermographer problem areas such as:

Infrared imagers used in Infrared roof inspections have been called the most significant advancement in roof maintenance since the moisture meter. Contact us today for a consultation with our infrared roof consultants to assess the condition of your low slope insulated or flat roof. Call 201-340-2104 for infrared Roof Scan or use the form on the right.We also sell infrared Camera.